Public Speaking

Mark Twain had once famously said, “There are only two types of speakers in the world. The nervous and the liars”. The truth is, we all have a fear of public speaking. Some fear less, others more. However, we believe that by questioning the usual approach and learning a few basic skills and a few basic speech models we can all design and deliver good speeches. After all ‘the expert at anything was once a beginner’.

We believe that the approach to public speaking should not be all about the performance. Focus on coming up with the right idea, structuring the content, using the right language is what really makes a good speech. The overall objective of the program is to help participants design and deliver speeches that are concise, clear and persuasive. MORE.

This program focuses on both the design and the delivery of public speeches. This is because we believe that good public speaking is more than just good delivery. In order to be good at speaking we need to understand how oral communication works and how to design speeches that can be delivered well.

The overall objective of the program is to equip participants with the skils to design and deliver speeches that are concise, clear and persuasive. The modules flow from this objective. The modules are the Impromptu Speech, the Informative Speech & the Persuasive Speech.

The Impromptu Speech is a 3 to 5 minutes speech. While I am calling it a speech it could be an answer to a question posed in a meeting. It could be about making a point in a discussion. These are situations where one is required to speak at a moments notice. The objective of this section is to help participants with an understanding of how to organise their thoughts quickly and present them in a manner that is concise.

The Informative Speech is a 5 to 10 minutes speech. Here is were we help participants to learn to figure out how to synthesise and summarise complex information in a way that is both interesting and accessible to the audience. Announcement of a new way of doing things, explaining a new set of guidelines or explaining to a client about a subject on which he/she has no knowledge about are examples of this speech. This speech has more ‘moving parts’ and we build from the learning of the modules on Impromptu speech. The goal of this section is to understand how to design speeches that are clear.

The Persuasive Speech is a speech of over 10 minutes. This is when the requirement is for speaking convincingly, speaking persuasively. Here we discuss argument models and ideas for presenting issues that invites agreement rather than disagreement. Town hall meetings, launch conferences and Keynote address are examples of this kind of speech.

The modules use over 60 videos to demonstrate both the good and the bad.

The program runs on 6 Modules for half a day each. While we can run this as a 3 day workshop, since the success of this program has a high dependence on the amount of time participants are able to practice and be critiqued, it is advisable to run these modules with a minimum gap of 7 days between each, whenever that is possible.

I have coached several CEOs and CXOs using these modules and the program usually runs across 8 to 10 weeks (giving senior leaders the flexibility of scheduling).

After each module the participant writes and practices the speech techniques learned in the previous module. This is then recorded and discussed in the next module. The participant is free to connect with queries, doubts and even recordings between two modules.